Host an Event

Host an Event

Perth ExchangeNow requires the assistance of hosts to provide many of the aspects required to run a successful Perth ExchangeNow event. We welcome any business or individual to contact us to discuss hosting one of our events.

Specifically, we rely on our host to:

  • Provide a venue in the Perth CBD (either your own office, or a conference centre/hotel)
  • Provide AV facilities – a projector, a microphone & speakers
  • Provide seating for all guests
  • Providing catering for the event, with ideally:
    • A mix of alcoholic & non-alcoholic beverages (beer, wine, soft drink)
    • Nibbles (party pies, pizzas, etc)

Attendance numbers for events have typically been between 40 – 80 people, however attendance can be limited (within reason) to meet venue requirements.

In return for hosting an event, Perth ExchangeNow will:

  • Include your business name and logo in promotional emails relating to the event
  • Allow you to put a ‘pop up banner’ next to the projector screen to showcase your brand
  • Include your logo on the title slide of presentation materials
  • Provide the sponsor first opportunity to MC the event

Please note that direct advertising of your company, spruiking of services, or distribution of marketing material to attendees is against the spirit of ExchangeNow and is not permitted. Hosting a Perth ExchangeNow event should be regarded as assisting with brand awareness, rather than a direct marketing opportunity.

The ExchangeNow Management Group will arrange the presenters, topics and agenda for each event and work closely with the host to ensure a successful event.

If you are interested in hosting one of our events, please contact us.