Speak at an Event

Speak at an Event

  • Have you built something great on the platform and what to share?
  • Have you deployed a new application or feature?
  • Want to share some ServiceNow best practice, tips or lessons learned?

Speaking at Perth ExchangeNow is a great way to share your ServiceNow experiences and lessons with the community as well as sharpen your public speaking skills in front of a supportive close-knit audience. Our meetups are broad in nature and can encompass any area of the ServiceNow platform. We love hearing of new uses of the platform, and how you’ve solved unique problems.

We have two different formats to lead conversation within our group:

  • Presentation: Typically a 20 minute speaking slot where you can present on a topic related to the ServiceNow platform. This could be either a 15 minute presentation with 5 mins Q&A at the end, or an interactive 20 min presentation.
  • Discussion Topic: Lead discussion around a central topic, sparking conversation between attendees to promote discussion so that attendees can all learn, contribute and take away something valuable from the discussion topic on the day. Discussion topics will typically run for 20 minutes, depending on attendee numbers and the selected topic.

We respectfully ask that presentations and discussion topics are not used as a sales or marketing platform for services. We want all presentations to focus on growing the knowledge of the collective community and not to promote the capabilities or services of any particular ServiceNow Partner or Customer.

The agendas for each meetup are determined by the Perth ExchangeNow management group and will be communicated ahead of all meetups. Please contact us to speak at one of the Perth ExchangeNow meetups!

Technical Details

We will provide speakers with a Perth ExchangeNow branded PowerPoint template that they can use to format their presentations a few weeks prior to the event. We like to stitch all presentations for the event together into a single Power Point to ensure that transitions and handovers between presenters run smoothly. The members of the ExchangeNow management group are all volunteers so we request that final presentations files are submitted to the four days before the event.

ExchangeNow will make the following resources available to you:

  • A laptop with your presentation pre-loaded,
  • A wireless clicker,
  • A microphone,

If you will be performing a demo and require the use of your own laptop, please let us know ahead of time so we can ensure that we have the right cables, and a desk & chair on the stage for you to use.

Please contact us to enquire further about speaking at one of our events.